Necessity...the mother of invention

As a life-long boater - I've been boating since being a baby - I have a passion for being out on the water, whether on a boat, a paddle board or on my old sea kayak.

At the moment I have the privilege of fulfilling my passion on a lovely Catamaran in Poole and the Solent where anchorages range from rock through to sludge, with many varieties of holding in-between.

I'm always careful to ensure I've the correct amount of chain out (after a couple of youthful experiences) to which end like many I mark my anchor chain so my kids, wife and guests can tell me how much chain has gone out. However every pre-season has required the re-marking of the chain only to see it fade off throughout the year.

A couple of seasons ago I thought there had to be a better way - a more permanent, less messy solution with a convenient guide for whoever is up on the bow and I came up with my initial designs for my chain markers and a guide plate to keep things nice and clear.

Roll forward to today and I'm many iterations through both the markers and the guide plate designs with testing done in the Solent, the med, the Caribbean and the Arctic. I now have what I strongly believe to be the perfect design for providing a robust and long lasting, yet customisable solution to suit most boaters with anchor chains from 6mm through to 16mm.

Both designs are now patent pending and I can finally make them available to the boating community to benefit from what I honestly believe to be the best anchor chain marking solution on the market.

Once you have your set I'd welcome any feedback, just get in touch using the contact form.

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