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I have 3/8" chain, which size should I buy?

If you have a 3/8" chain you should buy the 10mm markers.

Will they go through a windlass?

Yes, our markers have been designed and tested to go through a windlass without interfering with the functionality or jamming up. This was especially important when designing them as this is where they are most likely to be subjected to wear and tear.

I have a really long chain, can Anchoright help?

Yes. The typical sets sold are for leisure boaters with chains up to 120m. However if you have a longer or heavier duty chain or want to mark more than 15 positions simply contact us and we'll help you out.

What is the guide plate for?

Rather than memorising the colour sequence or having a piece of laminated paper, if you're ordering four or more colours our markers are available with a clever, customisable guide plate to put next to your anchor chain as a reference guide. 

Each plate is supplied with a set of numbers which enable you to mark from the Anchor through to 50 in intervals of 5 and then up to 100 in intervals of 10. See our other listing for the "Anchoright™ anchor chain marking set for 8mm chain" for a special bundle price.

I'm not sure what size chain I have

The size of the chain is determined by the diameter of the metal within the link, not the size of the link as a whole. This can be measured accurately using a set of callipers or reasonably well using a tape measure or ruler.

Our chain markers are designed to fit DIN766 / ISO 4565 chains which whilst they can vary slightly in link length or width will be a set size to go through the boat's windlass.

If you're uncertain, get in touch and we should be able to work it out with a couple of photographs and test a few sizes.

What is calibrated chain?

Calibrated chain is made to specific dimentions to ensure it will pass through a windlass requiring that size chain. There are typically three sorts of calibration... DIN766, ISO and EN818. Our markers are made with tollerances to fit all three, so may be slightly loose on some chains, but this will not affect the performance.

What colour sequence should I use?

Whilst ultimately the colour sequence is up to you, we have a page outlining our recommended colour sequencing for set lengths of chain. Please refer to 'How to mark your chain' in the menu bar.

I don't know the length of my chain

The only way to know is to haul it all out and measure it, however that can be messy and hard work, especially if your boat is on the water. If you know roughly the length, buy a set which you think will do and if you dont use the last couple of rows on the guideplate then simply leave them empty.

Choose your chain marking solution here

Whether you want to create your own selection of colours or use one of our complete Chain Marking Sets, including the guide plate, you'll be glad you chose Anchoright once you're out on the water.