• Only a screw driver required for fitting

    With Anchoright the fitting of the chain markers is simple. All you need is a screwdriver, everything else is provided. 2 to 3 markers can be fitted in a minute so it's really quick. There's no preparation and no mess to clean up.

  • Tested for durability to last many seasons

    Original testing was done on a charter boat up in the arctic circle for the 2022 season. The boat was running 200m of stainless chain and the markers were fitted whilst the boat was on the water. The markers are designed to last many seasons.

  • 15 different colours to choose from

    With 15 colours to choose from you're able to place a different colour at each position so no need to create complex colour sequences. Keep it simple.

  • Easy cross-reference guide plate, no uncertainty

    This unigue guide plate makes the perfect cross-reference for you and your crew to see how much chain is out. We provide the components and you build out the plate in a matter of seconds choosing your own colour sequence and numbers.

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  • What are the other solutions?

    There are a few other ways to mark up anchor chain. A recent poll showed that the most common methods used are cable ties, spray paint and press-in markers. There are pros and cons to each.


    The below drop-downs show that with Anchoright chain markers you get the best all-round solution with our chain markers and guide plate combination.

  • Anchor chain marking poll results

    2022 survey results

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Colour sequence prompt

Anchoright: EXCELLENT > Clear customisable guide plate. You choose the colour order and intervals and place it somewhere obvious.

Spray paint: POOR > Need to hope the painted stripes dont fade

Cable Ties: POOR > If a cable tie snaps off you'll have two points with the same number of ties.

Press-in markers: POOR > Laminated (if you're lucky) piece of paper, or have a good memory

Ease of application

Anchoright: EASY > Place the chain markers on either side of the chain link and screw together, add guide plate by the windlass, that's it!

Spray paint: HARD > A lot of preparation and time-consuming applying the paint thoroughly.

Cable Ties: EASY> Simply attach the cable ties and snip off the excess

Press-in markers: EASY > Press the markers into the hole in the chain link

Colour range

Anchoright: EXCELLENT > 15 Colours allowing you to clearly mark 15 points on the chain

Spray paint: EXCELLENT > The world's your oyster on this one!

Cable Ties: GOOD > Cable ties can be bought in a good range of colours

Press-in markers: POOR > Only 5 colours available


Anchoright: EXCELLENT > Designed to screw in place for 3+ years

Spray paint: POOR > Usually required re-spraying every season as paint is worn off

Cable Ties: POOR > Can easily be broken off by the windlass or bow roller

Press-in markers: POOR > Have a reputation for popping back out through the season


Anchoright: EXCELLENT > 15 colours allows for a unique colour at every position, guide plate added for clear instruction

Spray paint: POOR > Simple marking sequence leaves room for misinterpretation as paint fades

Cable Ties: GOOD > Reasonable range of colours available allows for varied sequencing

Press-in markers: POOR > Only 5 colours available requiring mixed-colour sequences for longer chains

Choose your chain marking solution here

Whether you want to create your own selection of colours or use one of our complete Chain Marking Sets, including the guide plate, you'll be glad you chose Anchoright once you're out on the water.