Product introduction and reviews

  • SY Tomia - Oyster 435

    I do hope that all goes well with this development as you are to be congratulated on the idea, which makes anchoring so much easier . I especially appreciate the colour coded key which is fixed inside my anchor locker hatch. No more guesswork now compared to before when I tried to count my faded paint marks speeding over the windlass!

    We have looked at many different ways to mark anchor chain and usedĀ  red/white/blue paint marks and it worked in shallow anchorages, but easy to lose count in deeper ones. Having such a choice of colours means we can be more accurate, put down enough chain, but not too much (which saves on the battery) , and I can see the markers several feetĀ  below the surface, which helps as I can keep my helm - the long suffering wife(!) in the picture. The biggest plus is being able to calculate amount of chain when we have picked say a 7m depth, work out scope, look at the colour code and let out chain to the indicated colour.

    Good luck with your business and best wishes,

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