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  • Small logo

  • Anchoright icon

  • Key points

    • Markers won’t pop out unlike other solutions – they're held in place and designed specifically to stay put
    • 15 colours available – mark every point with a unique colour, no need for mixed colour codes
    • Cleaner and easier than paint – no mess, just fit on deck
    • Lasts many seasons – zero maintenance required, simply fit and forget
    • Easy to fit – only need a screw driver and you’re done, no fuss, no mess, no chain preparation
    • Colour-reference guide plates also available for ease of use, totally intuitive
  • Nice and secure

    Due to the unique patent-pending design and being secured with a screw Anchoright Chain Markers will not pop out from between the links once they have been put in place. Whether passing through a windlass, dragging on the seabed floor or piling up in the anchor locker, the Anchoright Chain Markers stay put for seasons. Application is really simple too by firmly pressing the two halves together and then securing them with the marine-steel screw provided

  • Wide colour range

    Anchoright Chain markers are available in 15 different colours making it possible to mark chains up to 150m without having to use mixed colour sequencing. The advantage of this is whatever sequence you want it is kept simple and can be referenced using one of our guide plates.

    We provide the chain marker bundles in a set sequence which you will see when you go to the shop, however if you have a specific sequence you can buy the colours individually.

  • Customisable guide plate

    Guide plates are provided with a set of numbers for you to insert into the plate giving you complete flexibility on the intervals you want to mark. Intervals provided are in 5s from 5 to 50 and then 10s from 60 through to 10. There is also an anchor marker should you want to mark when the anchor is about to mount the bow roller and a 'Stop' marker to mark when to stop running the windlass before the end of the chain. So whether you want to mark from 5 to 40 in intervals of 5 or 10 to 140 in intervals of 10 with an anchor marker the choice is yours.

  • Why use and Anchoright set?

    • Mark from 4 to 15 positions on your chain
    • Clear, configurable guide plate included
    • Complete flexibility in scale intervals
    • Can easily be fitted out on the water
    • Extremely easy to fit - only a phillips screwdriver needed
    • Chain Markers engineered to stay in place for many seasons
  • Chain sizes catered for

    Anchoright Chain Markers are available from stock for all standard chain sizes from 8mm – 14mm chain. They are produced for calibrated chain (DIN / ISOP / EN) standard measurements. Whilst chain dimensions may vary slightly, the markers will fit most marine chains on the market. We are able to produce special orders for larger sizes of chain, including a marker for stud-link chains. Simply contact us to discuss your requirements.

  • 4-position set

  • 5-position set

  • 6-position set

  • 7-position set

  • 8-position set

  • 9-position set

  • 10-position set

  • 11-position set

  • 12-position set

  • 13-position set

  • 14-position set

  • 15-position set

  • Rainbow set

  • Snooker set

  • Colour selection with guide plate

  • Colour selection with windlass