• Markers won’t pop out unlike other solutions – they're screwed in place and designed specifically to stay put.

  • A colour-reference guide plate is included in every set for ease of seeing how much anchor chain has been let out.

  • Long lasting. Cleaner and easier than paint, more robust than cable ties, last longer than push-in markers.

  • 15 colours means you can mark every point on your anchor chain with a unique colour, no need for mixed colour codes.

  • Build your own set - buy as a pre-made set or make your own bespoke sequence doing a pick-n-mix from 15 colours.

  • Easy to fit – only need a screw driver and you’re done, no fuss, no mess, no chain preparation. Just fit and forget.

  • Create a custom set of chain markers

    Select from 15 difference colours

    Optional guide plate available

    Select your chain size below*


    6mm >>

    7mm >>

    8mm - 5/16 in >>

    10mm - 3/8 in >>

    12mm >>

    14mm >>

    16mm >>

  • Why you should buy one of our sets...

    Mark from 4 to 15 positions on your chain


    Clear, configurable guide plate included


    Complete flexibility in scale intervals


    Can easily be fitted out on the water


    Extremely easy to fit - only a screwdriver needed


    Chain Markers engineered to stay in place for many seasons

    The importance of marking your chain

    Knowing how much chain you've let out is arguably the most important part of anchoring. Our set makes it easy for even a boating novice to configure, install and use.

Still not sure what you need?

Contact us using the below link if you're still not sure what you need for your anchor chain, either by size of the chain markers or the number of colours in the set. We'll help all we can.